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Powerful NC programming with TopLas3D

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NC data remain consistent regardless of changes have been done in the graphical user interface or in the NC editor

Sophisticated 3D manufacturing tasks can be realised due to the powerful NC programming and simulation capabilitites of TopLas3D.

Technology-orientated path planning: Integrated consideration of process requirements, product data and machine kinematics
Collision-free and technological correct NC programs are achieved by powerful algorithms in connection with a simulation of the complete machine
Extensive possibilities for interactive modification of tool path and machining head orientation
The user can simultaneously edit the NC text and perform modifications in the 3D graphical user interface
Generating of smooth machine movements
Easy-to-use NC code modifications reduce set-up time particularly for manufacturing of prototypes
Upload-functionality: NC programs modified at the machine can be read back into TopLas3D
Programming of various kinds of external axes: Up to 10 axes can be interpolated simultaneously
Integrated and expandable technology databases
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